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    The secret of your beauty

    Our SPA is equipped with next-generation machinery designed and built by an Italian company present in some major SPAs and Wellness Centers abroad.

    With this equipment we can treat all flaws and even perform massages to rebalance the energy “poles” of the body, for wellbeing and clarity of thought, raising our mood and eliminating toxins.

    Massages are performed by an operator who will use handpieces for pleasurable, discomfort-free massages − to impeccable effect!

    The biomodulated electro-vibrational waves emitted by this equipment develop a resonance effect that activates and restores the energy levels of cells in line with their basic homeostatic balance. Under its action, the skin cells react selectively to the stimulus. The body does not undergo standard treatment but receives impulses according to needs by interfacing with the ‘cellular memory’ in each of us.

    Check out the very many skin beauty care and wellness applications, repeatable (since they are non-invasive) at 24-h intervals.

    Physia is based on CPM TECH technology. The system replicates body frequencies and is the first and only radically innovative and future-oriented cellular regeneration system. It fully respects human physiology.

    CPM stands for Cellular Physiological Modulation. It uses low-frequency and low-intensity electrical impulses, fully compatible with the physiological characteristics of the human epidermis. It offers a completely natural approach to vibratory “medicine”. The operating system is comparable to the acoustic resonance emitted by musical instruments.

    Please note that the CPM TECH method does not use ingestible substances and does not come into contact with the mucous membranes. Instead, it acts physiologically at the cellular level with a regenerating, revitalizing, toning effect for the treatment of skin flaws.

    We may think of it as a holistic methodology.

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