The CPM TECH method
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    Harmonising with your body

    Your body is like an orchestra. Each organ is like a musical instrument. Each emits its own sound differing from the others, but at the same time all compatible and in harmony with the whole.

    Sounds are frequencies: if the frequency varies, the sound varies. The whole, in assonance, performs a harmonious concert to build and manifest life. Physia, the exclusive equipment of Livinna Spa − unparalleled internationally in the field of cellular regeneration − acts on the biological cellular memory and restores the skin's consistency and appearance. In a totally non-invasive manner.

    Limited areas of the body or face can be treated. A variety of treatments and massages can be combined. Sessions are repeatable according to a personalized schedule. Livinna is not ‘just’ a spa. It is where you can steal back the years you lost!

    The CPM-TECH method
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