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    Mauro Clementi

    Mauro is from Umbria itself. Born in 1983, after graduating from a professional hotel school, he gained extensive experience in decidedly diner-oriented restaurants.

    His promotion to a maitre role came when he was very young and highly motivated to learn more and improve.

    Being a maitre is not a job. For him it’s a vocation, where the human precedes the professional. Diners, says Mauro, should be made to feel at home. You go to a restaurant not just to eat but rather to ‘banquet’… and enjoy. This is what ‘de-luxe’ means to Mauro: putting guests at their ease from the moment they enter… with a smile.

    It is not surprising, therefore, that two-star and even three-star chefs lend credence to his curriculum. Nor is it surprising that he sets his own personal bar higher and higher when dealing with diners who are in turn becoming increasingly demanding!

    With his efforts, he contributed to the first Michelin star award for a key restaurant in central Italy.

    He has been maitre sommelier at the restaurant Radici di Borgo La Chiaracia since it first opened.

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