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Ristorante Radici
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    Daniele Auricchio

    Originates from Campania, class of 1990, he graduates from the artistic high school and then he chose to follow his Gourmet vocation. He matures a long experience in several Michelin restaurants despite his young age. He has worked in Italy and abroad, going from luxury 5* stars in Milan to a three-starred Michelin restaurant in Barcelona, with important experiences in Lake of Como and Ischia Island. Art is its leitmotif, and this is natural, given the training he received. Moreover, as he loves to repeat, cooking is also art because, just as the architecture, combines beauty to functionality (taste, in this case). He marks his own work respecting first of all raw materials, which, from time to time, he tries to keep as natural as possible. And that is why the philosophy of Borgo La Chiaracia restaurants – in particular Radici restaurant – it’s so congenial to him.  


    A young restaurant but already repeatedly award-winning

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