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Ristorante Radici
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    A de-luxe Umbria such as you have never tasted before

    Radici restaurant, as its name suggests, goes back to its roots (radici). It selects and prepares the fruits of this lush, and fascinating, borderland, where the regions of Umbria, Lazio (Latium) and Tuscany meet. The restaurant was born out of our desire to take a fresh look at the cuisine of centuries and traditions, and to interpret and add a modern touch to our findings. The care with which the ingredients are selected from one season to the next reflects our fundamental driving principle − the enjoyment and wellbeing of our diners. Radici restaurant means more than luxury. It means a journey of discovery, of the foodstuffs of Umbria (presented masterfully by our Chef, Daniele Auricchio). The wine list is curated by our maitre sommelier, Mauro Clementi. The wine comes from major vineyards, displaying great expertise and terroirs. We offer not only local labels, but also national and foreign wines, but all linked to the same ideals. It is exciting and stimulating to create a “tailor-made suit” for our guests as we accompany them in the choice of wines or pairings. The customers at Ristorante Radici − animated by a desire to discover something new − love to experiment, and they appreciate the advice given by our maitre and his assistants.


    A young restaurant but already repeatedly award-winning

    Radici Restaurant
    Radici Restaurant
    Radici Restaurant
    Radici Restaurant
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