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Ristorante Radici
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    Borgo la Chiaracia Resort & Spa is pleased to welcome its guests and to assure them the pleasure of a stay accompanied at all times by anti-Covid precautions.
    The property occupies 14 hectares of land (3.5 built). We offer only 26 rooms, including suites. Hence, at Borgo la Chiaracia there will be no overcrowding. Distancing is ensured a priori at all times. Indeed, the gourmet restaurant, Radici, is designed to seat only 45 diners, although judging by the floor space, the actual capacity could easily more than double that figure.
    The resort adopts the following safe-reception and hospitality protocol of the hoteliers’ trade association, Federalberghi.


    The reception staff are provided with personal protective equipment (facemasks and, where necessary, gloves). The staff always wear facemasks when dealing with guests.
    Upon request, our staff will facilitate access to health services; phone numbers in cases of need are available at the reception desk (single emergency number (112), plus primary care team, nearest hospital, etc.). The management has activated a dedicated line with the local health authorities for the timely reporting of any problems.


    Guests are kindly requested to wear a facemask in indoor common areas. In outdoor common areas, however, the facemask must be worn only when social distancing of at least one metre is not possible. The staff are required always to wear a facemask in the presence of guests, and in any situation in which distancing of at least one metre is not possible.


    Gloves are required for baggage handling.


    For group bookings (groups, families etc.), the group leader or the head of the family will be the only contact person during the check-in procedure and all other dealings entailing direct contact with reception staff. The group leader or head of the family will receive the keys, together with the luggage tags with room number(s).


    The lifts can be used by only one person at a time, except in the case of members of the same household, cohabitants, guests occupying the same room, and those who, according to current regulations, are not to be subjected social distancing. The elevator buttons are frequently sanitized.


    If desired, on arrival, the guest can entrust the car to the parking attendant, who wears gloves and a facemask. The attendant shall ventilate the interior compartment and make sure the air-conditioner is off.


    Cleaners wear personal protective equipment at all times. They open the windows and air the room, before cleaning begins. The procedures vary depending on whether the room is already occupied or is being prepared for a new guest. The room is disinfected following departures; when the linen is changed the attendants change their gloves.
    All surfaces that come into contact with the guest are cleaned. Dirty and clean linen are kept entirely separate.


    Air-conditioners do not recirculate air. Natural air exchange is always guaranteed, as is the cleaning of the air recirculation filters.


    In bathrooms/toilets, the air extractor operates continuously.


    Crowding in the pool is calculated according to an index of 7 square metres of water surface per person. In the sunbathing/solarium and outdoor areas, the space around each sunshade is set at a minimum 10 square metres; a distance of at least 1.5 m is guaranteed between the various items of equipment such as sunbeds and deckchairs.


    In the common areas, automatic dispensers are provided for hand sanitation.


    Breakfast is served exclusively à la carte. Room service is available upon request. Also on request, the Borgo’s restaurant can serve lunch and dinner in your room. The restaurant is open only to guests staying at the hotel.


    Training is temporarily provided only to guests singly, so that everyone can independently engage in the programmed fitness activities. The area is open only to persons wearing their own gym shoes. Two towels are available for all.


    All suppliers of amenities and disinfectants/detergents are subjected to quality checks conducted on a regular basis.

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